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Online publication list
General publication list
Short biography
Oration at Alan Turing's Birthplace
Book in the Great Philosophers series
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Machines and Oracles
One-page scientific biography
Turing as a Cambridge Scientific Mind, pages (1), (2)
Alan Turing and the Turing Test, pages (1), (2)
Mathematics and War, pages (1), (2), (3), (4)
Imperial War Museum and Europride


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Archives and photographs
Alan Turing Bibliography:
  Overview, Mechanical Intelligence, Pure Mathematics,
  Morphogenesis, Mathematical Logic and cryptology.
Von Neumann and Turing, 1937-39
Turing's zeta-function machine, 1939
Enigma report, November 1939
Mission to France, January 1940
Pages from the Prof's Book, 1940
Operation Ruthless, October 1940
Turing's Washington report, November 1942,
  extracts (1), (2)
Turing's Dayton report, 1942: pages 1-3, 4-6, 7-9.
Turing's Delilah report, 1944
The Mind and the Computing Machine, 1949,
  Pages 1-2, Pages 3-5.
Conference on Information Theory, 1950
Alan Turing's Trial, 1952: charges and sentences.


Index page
Early life
Turing machine
Beyond the Turing machine
Enigma cryptanalysis
Turing as Anglo-American liaison
The electronic war
Who invented the computer?
Turing's electronic brain: the ACE
Turing and the Manchester computer
The Turing Test
Growth, Form and Crisis
Unseen Worlds: Defiant until Death