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The Alan Turing Bibliography

compiled by Andrew Hodges
author of Alan Turing: the Enigma

Part 3: Morphogenesis

A full listing of Turing's papers

The detailed listing is split between four webpages, corresponding to the four volumes of the Turing Collected Works.


The only published paper by Turing is:

This volume of the Collected Works then includes
  • A Diffusion Reaction Theory of Morphogenesis in Plants, written with C. W. Wardlaw.

    This complete typescript went unpublished, presumably because Turing preferred the botanist Wardlaw to publish alone his paper A commentary on Turing's diffusion-reaction theory of morphogenesis, New Phytol. 52, pp 40-47.

Now follow the editor P. T. Saunders's completions of Turing's manuscripts on the Morphogen Theory of Phyllotaxis, divided into
  • I. Geometrical and Descriptive Phyllotaxis

  • II. Chemical Theory of Morphogenesis

  • III. (with B. Richards) A Solution of the Morphogenetic Equations for the Case of Spherical Symmetry
and finally
  • Outline of the Development of the Daisy

  • Printed in the Impact volume, with many further annotations and commentaries.

Extensive recent work on the unpublished papers is available from Jonathan Swinton on his website.

Scans of all these Turing papers are in the Turing Digital Archive.

Jonathan Swinton's guide to the material should be used, as the listing of material in the Archive is very haphazard.

The Alan Turing Bibliography:

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Morphogenesis | Mathematical Logic plus cryptology

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