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Alan Turing: the Enigma

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Alan Turing: the Enigma

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A new Author's Note

At the end of Alan Turing: the enigma I added an unusual note running on from Alan Turing's death in June 1954, drawing a picture of how he was seen in the 1960s and 1970s, and merging into my own Acknowledgements to the many people who had helped me between 1977 and 1983.

Decades later, there is a great deal that could be said about his afterlife in memory and reputation. The years have also changed the means of saying it. On page 539 I saw the prospect that computer technology would one day allow for publication of continual revision, and about ten years later that did indeed come about through the World Wide Web. The printed book has not yet disappeared, but it is all the time becoming harder to see what function it serves.

The Scrapbook pages allow me to express a continuation of what I wrote in 1983 about the private and public memory of Alan Turing.

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