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A Virtual Tour of Alan Turing

The basic story of Alan Turing is told in the traditional text of various short biographies offered on this website.

The Scrapbook is different. It is designed to exploit the interactive and co-operative world of the Web as created by Alan Turing's invention, the computer. It has pictures, links, and extra comment to browse.

Empire of the mind, 1912-1928
The inspiration of life and death, 1928-1932
Turing Machines
Beyond the Turing Machine: across the Atlantic
Critical cryptanalysis: the Enigma war
Alan Turing as UK-USA link, 1942 onwards
Critical cryptanalysis: the electronic war
Who invented the computer?
Alan Turing's Electronic Brain
Machines and men's minds, Manchester 1948-1950
The Turing Test
Growth, form and crisis, 1951-1952
Unseen worlds: Defiant until Death, 1952-1954

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